Monday, April 03, 2006

Wrestling and Immigration

WWE hopefuls cross the border Posted by Picasa

Although news reports have focused on the effects of immigration reform on the agriculture and services industries, The Onion looks at the critical role undocumented (and most times unknown) immigrants play in professional wrestling:
In response to criticism over World Wrestling Entertainment hiring policies, World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon defended the league's reliance on Mexican wrestlers as "the only way fans can witness the grueling, bone-crunching maneuvers that American wrestlers want nothing to do with."
Life is tough for these warriors from parts unknown:
Pro Wrestling Illustrated investigative reporter Bart Sweet said that McMahon is hiding cynical motives. "The WWE just wants these men for cheap labor they can use at non-televised house shows," Sweet said. "They believe luchadores lack the looks, personality, or basic speaking skills to headline main events. Even if one did successfully climb to the top of the company ladder, he would immediately be suplexed off of it and through a table."